Honors Academy

About the Honors Academy & AANAPISI support

The AANAPISI program and the Richland College Honors Academy are working together to target AAPI students to participate in Honors courses and Honors co- and extra-curricular activities. There are three Honors bridge programs available to students. The first one, “Honors Preview Days”, focus on inviting local high school students to come to campus, participate in an Honors class, and receive information from various offices on campus (Admissions, Financial Aid, The Multicultural Center). In addition, new college students who attend Richland’s Orientation, Advising, and Registration (OAR) Program will be evaluated for their inclusion in the Honors Academy and will meet with the Honors Advisor and AAPI Navigators as a part of their Honors bridge experience. The third is a bridge for AAPI Honors students into four-year Honors programs through field trips to those programs and articulation agreements with those institutions. As a part of their Honors experience, AAPI Honors students will enroll in Honors courses, participate in co- and extra-curricular activities, visit four-year Honors programs, and attend local and national academic conferences. Students must be eligible to apply based on admission requirements by the Honors Academy.