Beginning of the Semester

Student Survey of Instruction

During each Fall semester, all adjunct faculty are required to participate in the Student Survey of Instruction. The survey may also be administered during the Spring semester. Survey packets will be prepared by your instructional division office and sent to the ACCESS Center for distribution.

Here are some general guidelines for the administration of the survey:

  • Pick up the packet(s) for your class(es) in the ACCESS Center
  • Please adhere to the deadlines for the administration of the survey
  • All of the information for the administration of the survey are in the packets
  • If you need pencils, please check with the ACCESS Center
  • Students will bubble in the 7-digit course number which will be printed on the label on the envelope containing the surveys. This 7-digit number is the first set of numbers on the label attached to the packet(s)
  • There will also be blank sheets of paper in each of the packets in the event a student would like to write some comments about the class and/or the instructor
  • Appoint a proctor for the administration of the survey
  • Leave the classroom and allow the proctor to administer the survey to the class- probably 20 to 30 minutes
  • The proctor will take the packet to the ACCESS Center