Beginning of the Semester

Classroom Conditions

  • Faculty are responsible for setting policy regarding the use of food and drink in classrooms.
  • Faculty will include a statement in course syllabi detailing policy.
  • If allowing food/drink in classroom, faculty must circulate the “Statement of Responsibility” in the beginning of the semester.
  • The right and responsibility for setting classroom food/drink policy does not extend to items that are generally prohibited from the campus (e.g. alcohol, drugs, tobacco).
  • Food and drink are not allowed, under any circumstances, in computer classrooms.

Children on Campus
The institution strives to protect an environment most conducive to teaching and learning for all enrolled students. Children who are taking part in organized scheduled activities or who are enrolled in specific classes are welcomed. Minor children, however, should not be brought to the institution unless closely supervised by their parent. Minor children should not be brought into classrooms, laboratories, or other facilities of the college. This practice is disruptive to the learning process. In the case of an emergency where the student-parent has no alternative but to bring the child to campus, classroom faculty or the administrative heads of other units have full discretion as to whether a child may be allowed to quietly stay in the location. These individuals may require that children be removed by the student-parent from the setting if, in their opinion, the presence of the child is deemed to be disruptive to the learning process. For reasons of security and child welfare the institution will not permit unattended children to be left anywhere on the premises. Parents who have problems with childcare should visit the advisement/counseling center to receive referrals to childcare services in the area.