Beginning of the Semester

Course Syllabus

  • The adjunct faculty is responsible for the preparation/maintenance of course syllabus.
  • A complete file of course syllabus for each school will be maintained in appropriate school office.
  • Syllabus is reviewed/updated prior to each semester.
  • A copy of your most updated course syllabus should be sent electronically to the respective school office.

Please review Specific Content for Syllabus for more information.

Course Syllabus Information

  • objectives of the course
  • course content
  • current class schedule, including holidays
  • criteria for completion of the course
  • book and supply list

Remind your students that the usage and hours of The Learning Center and the Student Computer Labs, refund policy, facility policies (parking, food, smoking, etc.), inclement weather policy and accessibility to instructor should all be included in the course syllabus.