Beginning of the Semester


Teaching contract is a statement of mutual commitment between the instructor and Richland College. Contracts are prepared by the respective school offices and are sent to the ACCESS Center to secure adjunct instructor signatures.

Before signing the employment contract, verify name, address, zip, telephone number(s) and employee ID number number.


Contracts will be submitted to Human Resources before payment can be made.

Instructors will be set up for direct deposit of your pay at the time your employment application & accompanying documents are processed by completing a direct deposit form and attaching a blank, voided check.

A copy of your deposit can be made on eConnect. Instructions for logging on to eConnect are included in your new hire packet. If you have any questions, please contact the ACCESS Center.

Fall payment: September, October, November, December
Spring payment: February, March, April, May
Summer I: 1/2 June, 1/2 July
Summer II: 1/2 July, 1/2 August