Beginning of the Semester

Email Information – Outlook

  • All new adjunct faculty will receive a DCCCD e-mail address through the ACCESS Center
  • To request a DCCCD e-mail address, please complete the e-mail request form in your new employee information folder or ask one of the ACCESS Center staff members for the form
  • To complete this process, we will need your 7-digit DCCCD employee identification number.
  • You will also receive an alias address that you pass along to your students. This address will be determined by our Instructional Technology (IT) staff and will be given to you with your log in information and passwords
  • ALL communication between you and your students must be conducted on the DCCCD e-mail system
  • Please contact the ACCESS Center if you experience any problems or difficulties with your DCCCD e-mail account

Watch this video on the District email service Outlook.