When do I sign my contract to get paid?

Your contract will be generated by the academic school which hired you. The contracts are then forwarded to the ACCESS Center for your signature. You will be notified when to sign your contract. Be on the look-out for signs and notices posted in the ACCESS Center. You must sign your contract prior to the deadline to get paid by the end of the month. You will not get paid until you sign your contract in the ACCESS Center and it is forwarded to the the Human Resources office for processing. It is your responsibility to remember to sign your contract.

How do I get my mail, messages from my students, and other college information?

We set up a mailbox for you in your school cart in the workroom when we are notified from the academic school office of your hire. Please also make a point to check you DCCCD e-mail account.

How do I sign up for a DCCCD e-mail account?

Complete the form provided at the front desk. A note will be placed in your mailbox once your account is established.

What classroom supplies are provided by this office?

Whiteboard markers, transparencies, scantrons, and scantron analysis sheets.

How do I get a locker?

Complete the form available at the front desk. A note will be placed in your mailbox of your locker assignment. This is done at the beginning of each semester.

What is the procedure to get my classroom unlocked should I find it locked?

All classrooms should be unlocked for scheduled classes. If your classroom is locked, call Campus Police at 972-860-4290 (dispatch) using an available wall campus phone. Give your campus location, your name, and the room to be unlocked. Campus Police will meet you at the classroom.

Where do I get my copying done for my classes on the same day?

We provide free printing services. We will make up to 100 copies for you in the ACCESS Center on a walk up basis. If you need more than 100 copies on a given day, complete a copy request form available at the front desk for the Print Shop, get a work order number, and ACCESS Center stamp approval. You then walk over to the Print Shop and turn in your order for walk-up printing services.

Where do I get my copying done for my classes in preparation for another class day?

If you are requesting copies for another day, complete the bright blue request forms located on the back table in A110A, and place your order in the tray. We will process these requests and have them ready for you on the day requested (requires two working days). We ask that no orders larger than 1,000 copies be requested on orders for the Print Shop. We limit walk-up printing in our office to 100 copies per day.Our budget does not allow for colored paper. You may bring in colored paper, and we will run copies for you.

How do I get e-Campus and/or e-Connect training?

Sessions are offered at the district Service Center and on campus.

How to I go on-line to check my payroll account?

Log on to e-Connect; you will need your employee ID number; go to faculty menu; payroll.

How do I get AV/media equipment for my classroom?

Call Media Distribution at 972-238-6085; they are located in B220.

In case of an emergency and I am unable to meet my class, what procedure do I follow to let the students know?

Call the ACCESS Center, 972-238-6123. We will post a notice of cancelled class on the classroom door and provide any instructions for the students that you wish listed.

Am I obligated to give my telephone number to my students?

No. However, you must provide a way for students to reach you in addition to yout DCCCD email. You may list the ACCESS Center, 972-238-6140, and we will place messages in your mailbox, or you may give your DCCCD e-mail address to your students. We DO NOT release faculty phone numbers unless you have authorized us to do so.

Who do I talk with about student behavior problems?

Vice President for Student Development, A200, 972-238-6202.

What is the policy/time line for students requesting a grade change?

Students can request a change of grade or you may initiate a change of grade. It is your decision as course instructor. You have one academic semester following the semester you teach the course to complete a change of grade.

What is the procedure for changing a grade for a student, including an "Incomplete?"

You complete a Change of Grade Form and submit it to Andy Tubbs, Dean of the ACCESS Center, for signature. He will secure the necessary signatures. Your academic school supervisor can sign as well. We will forward the form to the Admissions office.

If a student becomes ill during class, what is the college policy?

If the student requires medical attention, call the campus nurse at 972-238-6135 and/or the campus police at 972-860-4290, give your campus, your name, and your room number/classroom location.

For what length of time is an instructor advised to retain student grades?

Please make a copy of all the grade rolls of the courses you teach and retain your records for at least one academic year.

Do I have to tell anyone that my grades are posted?

Yes, you need to complete and submit via e-mail the Grade Verification Form at the end of each term.

Can I bring students into the ACCESS Center?

We have conference rooms available to meet with students. Please reserve at the front desk or ask if a room is available.

Can I send a student to the ACCESS Center to have something duplicated for me if I can’t leave the classroom?

Yes, please call us or send a note with the student.