Professional Development

Welcome to the Richland College Adjunct Faculty Team!
New Adjunct Faculty Academy

Richland College enjoys a unique, robust culture inspired by our vision, mission and values. As a new Adjunct Faculty member you will be given opportunities for personal growth while accepting responsibility to help strengthen Richland’s mission, vision, and values through scheduled professional development expectations. As a valued Richland College employee, your professional growth helps assure Richland College will be the best place to we can be to learn, teach, and build sustainable local and world community.

Please review the Richland College ThunderDocuments

Your discipline program coordinator will work closely with you to help you meet the professional development expectations of our adjunct faculty. The ACCESS Center and the Thunderwater Organizational Learning Institute (TOLI) are also prepared to assist you.

To begin, go to eConnect to register for professional development sessions (View eConnect registration directions). Once you have registered, please go to eCampus and enter your employee ID and eCampus password. If you have difficulties entering eCampus, please call the help desk at 972-669-6402. Once in eCampus; Click-On the Courses tab. Under the courses tab, you will find all of your courses listed. All courses that begin with an X are professional development courses; click on the training course you have registered for and begin.

Professional Development Schedule for All New Adjunct Faculty:

Prior to Teaching First Semester:

All Richland College employees who teach will be certified in eCampus, our DCCCD virtual campus, prior to teaching their first semester. Certification training specific to your teaching environment is provided through the following modules:

Professional Development (Within First 30 Days):

eConnect Basics (PDF) and Quiz

eCampus Basics – Grade Center (XDLP 2003 94501)*

New Adjunct Faculty Orientation

Note 1: eConnect Basics and the New Adjunct Orientation are provided online at the ACCESS Center web page of the Richland College website, and should be taken within the first thirty (30) days of employment.

Core Expectations (First 60 Days):

FERPA (XREG-2000-80000)*
Sexual Harassment Awareness (XREG-2000-80001)*
Keeping Safe in a Campus Emergency (XSAF-1001-80000)*
Return Week Meetings and Activities (Instructional Administrators & Faculty and Adjuncts)

Note 2: FERPA, Sexual Harassment Awareness, and Campus Safety Training should be completed during the first sixty (60) days of employment at Richland College, and then annually thereafter.

Note 3: Before teaching online, Adjunct Faculty will complete eCampus Certification (XDLP 2001 94501).

Available online* (Register in eConnect, and complete the training in eCampus)

New Adjunct Faculty Academy Confirmation of Understanding

Adjunct Faculty Academy Checklist