Admissions FAQ’s

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  1. Do I need to have a high school diploma or SAT/ACT scores to apply?
  2. If you graduated or received your GED diploma within the past 5 years, then you would need to provide your official transcript or GED diploma. However, Richland College is pleased to be an open enrollment college. That means we serve our community by providing educational services to anyone who can benefit from education. Our official catalog details our admission requirements.

  3. What is the deadline to apply?
  4. There is no deadline as we accept applications throughout the year. However, you are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible so you may have enough time to complete your admissions file prior to the start of the semester.

  5. Is there an application fee?
  6. No! There is no fee charged to apply to Richland College or any of the seven Dallas County Community Colleges!

  7. How do I apply?
  8. Our seven step admissions process may be found on our Admissions web page. Be sure to read all of the information in the Application Summary that will be displayed when you have completed your application and follow your "next steps".

  9. I want to attend more than one college in the District. Do I need to apply to each one?
  10. No. A student who is accepted for admission to one of the DCCCD colleges may attend any of the colleges in the District. There is no need to reapply unless you have not attended any DCCCD college within the past 12 months.

  11. I attended one of the DCCCD colleges, but it was more than a year ago. What do I do?
  12. Students who have not been enrolled in any of the DCCCD colleges within the past 12 months must submit a new application: Do not log into the account you previously set up. Instead, select the "New Credit Student Application" option and begin the credit student application by creating a new account as if you had never before applied.
    Upon completion, your application summary may read: "Unfortunately, information contained in your application matches one or more records…" or "We were unable to uniquely identify you…" This is an indication that you already have a record and an ID number in the DCCCD system. As directed toward the bottom of the summary, send a message to with a subject line of "review my record" with your application ID number found in last line of the summary page and your new application will be merged with your current record. You will receive a confirmation email with your next steps when this is done.
    Please note that we require an official transcript from each institution attended. If your transcript on record has a print date that is more than 3 years old, a new transcript is required. Meningitis documentation is required for students under 22 years of age.

  13. How much does it cost to go to Richland College?
  14. The tuition each student pays is determined by the student’s residency, which is initially based on the answers a student provides or omits from the core questions in the application. You may view our tuition schedule and the District’s Cost of Attendance.

  15. Will I need to do a placement test?
  16. Your transcript(s) and/or test scores will be evaluated to determine if you have met the college level readiness standards per the Texas Success Initiative. If it is determined that you have not met the standard in one of more areas, you will be required to take the TSI Assessment prior to registering for classes.

  17. Can send my documents via fax or email?
  18. Most documents may be faxed to 972-238-6346 or emailed to Exceptions include official transcripts, notarized documents, and meningitis exemption forms.

  19. The university I’m attending now shows transfer credits from other colleges. Can I just send that?
  20. Per District policy and in compliance with Texas record retention laws, an official transcript is required from each regionally accredited U.S. institution attended for undergraduate studies. All transcripts must have a print date no more than three years in the past. Official transcripts should be sent to:
    Richland College
    Admissions & Student Records
    12800 Abrams Rd, #T170
    Dallas, TX 75243
    If your institution sends transcripts electronically, we will accept them via secure .pdf at or via electronic exchange service. Our school code is 008504.

  21. How do I order my transcript from Richland College?
  22. Coursework attempted at any of the seven colleges that make up the Dallas County Community College District will appear on one common transcript, which may be ordered from any of the DCCCD colleges. To obtain your transcript, please use the following procedure. If you are unable to access your transcript via eConnect, please note that requesting in person, via mail or email requires each of the four items under "Materials Required":
    If a block or restriction is discovered and you do not know why, inquire at For "missing transcript" blocks: District policy requires us to have an official transcript on file for each institution attended. The print date may be no more than three years in the past. Upon receipt of your missing transcript(s), you may initiate a new transcript request. Blocked requests are not retained or processed.

  23. How much does it cost to order my transcript?
  24. At this time there is no cost to students for ordering transcripts. A student may order up to five transcripts at one time.

  25. How can I authorize someone else to register me for classes and submits records on my behalf?
  26. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) protects student privacy by restricting access to non-directory information. To have someone serve as a "proxy", you will need to complete and return a FERPA Release Form along with photo IDs from each person who will be a party to the release.

  27. How can I change my address, phone number, and email address?
  28. Complete the official change of record form and return it to the Office of Admissions and Student records in Thunderduck Hall or via email to with appropriate documentation and a clear copy of your state-issued photo ID/driver’s license:

  29. My application summary says I’m out of state, but I’ve lived here all my life. What do I do?
  30. Residency status is determined by the answers a student provides on the application. Please see our Residency Reclassification Form for documentation required to change your residency status, if eligible.

  31. Do I have to show proof of my meningitis vaccination before I can register for class?
  32. The Texas Education Code, § 51.9192, subchapter Z, established the January 1, 2012 requirement for bacterial meningitis vaccination for Richland College students under the age of 30 to submit evidence of being immunized against meningococcal meningitis. However, beginning January 1, 2014, the age requirement was changed to those who are under the age of 22. Unless you have an exception or exemption, your official record of meningitis vaccination is required before you may register. The only two vaccines approved at this time are MCV4 (Menveo) and MPSV4 (Menactra). The Meningitis B (MenB) vaccine is not required and will not fulfill your meningitis documentation requirement at this time.