Choices & Orientation


All new-to-college students must complete a Choices career assessment prior to attending an OAR session.

Choices is an easy-to-use, comprehensive career exploration and information system. The Choices databases of occupations, post-secondary schools, and financial aid awards provide many choices for you. Individuals approach career decision-making from different perspectives. You may have a specific career area in mind. Or you may be looking for information about a number of occupations. To complete the Choices career assessment go to Career Services located in El Paso E090.

For information go to: Making Career Choices.


Orientation is required for new to college students only. Our commitment to your success as a new to college student begins with requiring you to attend Richland’s Orientation, Advisement, and Registration (OAR) Session. Our OAR has been designed to assist you in making a smooth transition into college life. You will be registering for classes at the OAR Session; therefore, you must have completed an application for admission, completed the pre-assessment activities and have taken your assessment tests, if needed, before attending the OAR session. Click here for your Computer Literacy options, exemptions, and waivers.

Students must complete the following prior to attending OAR:

  1. Submit required meningitis documentation to the Office of Admissions and Student Records, T170
  2. Complete a Choices career assessment at Career Services in El Paso Hall, E090
  3. Pre-Assessment Activity and Assessment in Reading, Writing, Math, and Computer Literacy or provide exemption documentation to the Office of Admissions and Student Records

New to college students may only register for classes through an OAR Session.

Sign up here to attend an OAR session and learn what to expect.

NOTE: Students who have previously attended any college, dual credit, Richland Collegiate High School, ESOL, and Emeritus students will be advised and registered through other advising areas of the college and are not required to attend an OAR Session.)