Help for the Undecided Health Major

Many students desire a career in the health field because they want to make a contribution to society by helping people with health issues. Others have decided upon a major in some area of health because they know the occupation is stable, lucrative, secure, prestigious, a family’s dream, or for other related reasons.

Ideally, before you decide upon a health career you will have researched your interests, skills, work values and personality type to see which area (if any) would be a good fit. This involves time and a lot of effort. You can begin this process in our Career Services area in El Paso Hall, room E-090. Below is a link to their site as well as some additional tools which will enable you to explore whether the health professions are right for you. The last link is a PowerPoint presentation that asks you to think about your interests and gives you some health career options that link to those interests. We have many resources available on campus and on the web to help guide you in the right direction. Our site lists many resources including a PowerPoint that discusses how a variety of different interests relate to corresponding health careers, links to sources such as our Career Services area on campus, as well as many websites that have a wealth of information on what the health career involves, salary data, future demand, etc.

Sometimes it just seems easier not to go to all the trouble to do this research because with studying, family responsibility, work, and a little bit of socializing there just doesn’t seem to be enough time. We would encourage you to spend a few hours a week on this endeavor; however, because after graduation you will be spending thousands of hours on your career – not to mention devoting extended hours/years to studying the sciences. If you are undecided upon whether this is a career that matches who you are, this will hurt you in the long run. We have found that those who know with certainty that a particular option in the health field is exactly what they want are better candidates and can persevere when the going gets tough and make better practitioners.