Medical School Advising

There are 9 medical schools in the state of Texas. Eight are associated with the Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service, and one is associated with the American Medical College Application Service. These sites are where applicants send all their application materials, can learn statistics about recent entrants to medical school, see deadlines for materials to be received, view important announcements about changes to the MCAT, and can have (a few) questions answered. The AMCAS site has very helpful articles for the aspiring doctor, ways to finance an education, and other helpful topics to assist with the application process. It is important to become very familiar with both of these sites.

View the list of minimum undergraduate course requirements for medical schools (taken from the TMDSAS site) with the corresponding course numbers that may be taken at Richland. With rare exceptions, most medical school students who get accepted will have a bachelor’s degree. The courses that are on this sheet need to be taken in addition to the courses required for the particular major chosen for the university degree. Students who select a major such as biology will see many of the same classes required for their bachelor’s degree. Students who select another major such as psychology, business, or another major will be taking the classes on this sheet in addition to those required for their bachelor’s. If a major outside of biology is chosen, be sure to supplement these minimum science classes with several other biology classes at the junior/senior level so you can be a competitive applicant.

To get an idea of why one needs to be quite knowledgeable of biology, take a look at the first year curriculum of a medical school such as UT Southwestern in Dallas. Medical school admissions committees have to know that students selected can handle this type of rigor in their first year, so this is why it is critical to make good grades and to select more than just the minimum number of biology classes listed.

View information on the last accepted class at UT Southwestern. You will see a wide variety of schools and majors represented. The one thing everyone will have in common will be strong grades in the sciences, a good MCAT score, a well-written personal statement, excellent letters of reference from faculty, presented themselves well in the interview, and expressed their passion for medicine in a strong and genuine way.