Resource Directory

I’m struggling with health or wellness related issues.

  • Health Services offers a range of services and resources.
  • Located in Thunderduck Hall, T110.
  • Visit Health Services.

I’m struggling with personal, emotional or related issues.

  • Consider contacting one of Richland’s counselors. Richland counselors are available to help current students with personal, career and academic concerns that affect academic success and quality of life.
  • To make an appointment with a counselor contact one of the counselors directly or stop by or call the Richland Counseling Office (E-088) at (972) 238-3771, Career Services (E-093) at (972) 238-6921 or the Health Center (T-110) at (972) 238-6135.
  • Visit Counseling Services.

I’m struggling with financial concerns.

  • Complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid.) You may be eligible for federal and state grants, loans, scholarships and/or work study.
  • Richland’s Financial Aid office has staff who can help you get started filling this out, and can also answer your questions about the different sources of financial aid.
  • Web: Financial Aid

I’m not sure how to calculate my GPA. What do I need to do to raise my GPA?

  • Your advisor will help you understand your GPA.
  • Your advisor will help you create a plan to get you back on the path to academic success as quickly as possible.

I need to improve my study habits.

  • Your advisor will have insights into how to address your particular study concerns.
  • The Center for Tutoring and Learning Connections (M216) holds various workshops throughout the semester, on topics such as time management, test anxiety, test preparation, and reading with purpose.
  • Web: Tutoring Center

I need help developing a degree plan. I’m not sure what to major in! Who can help me?

  • Please speak with your academic advisor. We are here to assist you in setting and reaching your goals.
  • If you are struggling with choosing a major, there are a number of resources here at Richland. First, you should visit with your academic advisor. Your academic advisor can direct you to a number of career planning resources on campus.
  • Career advisors work with students to help them establish career goals.
  • Web: Career Advisors
  • Career Services, located in El Paso Hall (E093) offers Computer Guidance Programs, job placement assistance, and a career library, among numerous other resources.
  • Web: Career Services

I’m still feeling very overwhelmed and/or confused.

  • Please come see your academic advisor. We can connect you with campus resources, and help you understand your requirements and your options.