Vicki Goux

Contact Information
TitleHealth Professions Advisor
Room SH-205
Phone TBD
ApptFor appointments, please call or email

Academic Advisors teach students how to succeed in college. There is so much you need to see and hear! We can help students in ways you haven’t even imagined yet. I’m also a Suspension and Dismissal Advisor and I can help you get back on track for your degree. If you leave a voice mail please speak slowly, say your student I.D. number slowly, say your phone number twice and repeat it s-l-o-w-l-y.

Advising Hours
Hours Available: Monday: 8:00 – 12:00pm; 1:00 – 4:30pm
Tuesday: 8:00 – 12:00pm; 1:00 – 4:30pm
Wednesday: 10:00 – 2:00pm; 3:00 – 6:30pm
Thursday: 8:00 – 12:00pm; 1:00 – 4:30pm
Friday: 8:00 – 12:00pm; 1:00 – 4:30pm
Appointments for all at times other than our drop in times. Appointments are strongly encouraged now through mid-April.
Drop-in Days/Times: Please email first to see if I’ll be in the office or in orientations
Non-Registration Periods: Please e-mail to see if I’m in the office.
Registration Periods: No appointments can be made during registration; please email first
Appointment Days/Times: Please e-mail to make appointments, no appointments during registration

Suspension and Dismissal

Teacher Preparation/Certification