Students who receive any type of financial aid and students who paid cash or check should receive their refunds and disbursements via eRefunds.

Students who paid with a credit or debit card and are not receiving financial aid should receive their refunds back to the card that was used for payment.

With eRefunds, your refunds and disbursements will be sent to you one of two ways. Every student is defaulted to a paper check by mail. This means that you will automatically receive a check in the mail to the address that Richland has on file. You can also opt to receive your funds via direct deposit to an account of your choosing.

To receive your funds via direct deposit and/or view your eRefunds history, please login to eConnect and click on the eRefunds link in the "Payments & Disbursements" section of your student menu.

This will take you to the eRefunds login page. Your login should be e(ID Number) (Example: If you are a student and an employee, including work study, you may have to login using the 3× format. (Example: If one way of logging into eRefunds does not work for you, please try the other. Your password should be the same as your eConnect password. To opt for direct deposit, click on the green button labeled "Choose Your Refund Delivery Method" and follow the directions.

At any time, you may login to eRefunds and change your direct deposit information or change back to receiving a paper check. You will receive your funds faster by choosing direct deposit.

Need a Student Checking Account or Reloadable Card?
Click here for a list of local banks that offer student checking accounts and a list of reloadable cards that can be used for direct deposit.

Higher One Accounts
Refunds and disbursements will no longer be sent directly to Higher One and the DCCCD will no longer be able to provide any services or support regarding Higher One. However, if you have an active Higher One account and would like to set it up as your direct deposit option via eRefunds, there is a page on the Higher One website where you can retrieve the bank account and routing number for your card.

I Need To Update My Address
To update your address please visit the Richland College Admissions Office web page. Keeping your current address on file will help insure that you receive your funds in a timely manner.

Customer Service
Students may contact eRefunds customer service via Live Chat or by calling 1-844-700-0134.