Degree & Certificates

Course Requirements for the Associate Degree and Certificate

In Richland’s Business Administration Program you can earn a certificate and/or the Associate of Applied Sciences Degree (AAS).

While many students take all of the classes required to earn the degree, some begin the program by first enrolling in the core business-related courses which are required in order for them to earn the certificate, if they desire to do so. Earning a certificate can enhance your professional credentials as you pursue your associate’s degree. All courses taken in order to earn the certificate also apply toward the associate’s degree. Students pursuing a certificate are waived from the TSI standards, but must meet all course prerequisites.

After completing requirements for the certificate, students tend to continue on and take the other classes required in order to earn the Associate’s of Applied Sciences degree. The links to the course requirements for both the associate’s degree and the certificate in the online catalog are listed below.

In addition, many students who earn the AAS degree in Business Administration also earn the Supervisor and/or Management Certificates.