Travel, Exposition & Meeting Management

Contact Information
M.T. Hickman – Program Coordinator
Office: (972) 238-6097
Fax: 972-238-6333

Richland College offers a comprehensive program for starting a career in the Hospitality, Travel, Exposition and Meeting Management industry. Upon graduation, students find jobs in the industry or continue their education at the university level.

Courses are offered day and evening and for credit and non-credit. Starting Fall 2016 the courses required for the Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism will be offered in a block schedule enabling students to complete all course work in two semesters.

The goal of the Travel, Exposition and Meeting Management program is to provide quality education product to meet the needs of current and future students, develop professionals for the industries we serve and prepare our students for a successful career in the hospitality travel, meeting and exposition industry. Students of TEMM program will be working with instructors that have teaching and industry experience and the program incorporates the latest technology used in the industry including ExpoCad and Eventmobi. Through education and hands on experience students become the best-trained professionals in the industry.

TEMM is supported in the following organizations: