Choices Planner Online

The first step in Career Planning should be to gather information about yourself to assist in making a decision about a career. You should develop an understanding of self-including values, interest, aptitudes, abilities, personal traits, and desired life style, and become aware of the interrelationship between self and occupational choice.


is an easy-to-use, comprehensive career exploration and information system. The Choices databases of occupations, post-secondary schools, and financial aid awards provide many choices for you. Individuals approach career decision-making from different perspectives. You may have a specific career area in mind, or you may be looking for information about a number of occupations. Choices can meet your needs in career exploration and decision making. These needs include:

  • obtaining information about specific occupations
  • sorting occupations according to their potential to meet your personal needs, preferences, or expectations
  • expanding or reducing the number of career possibilities for you to consider
  • exploring career alternatives based on your personal priorities and values
  • identifying appropriate training and/or education alternatives; and
  • verifying appropriateness of your pre-conceived career considerations

Choices help you to analyze and sort through vast amounts of important information about occupations, educational institutions, programs of study and financial aid sources. It can easily show you the connection between an occupation, the program of study that lead to that occupation, and which institutions offer those programs of study. If you need to know about sources of financial aid, Choices can search for information regarding those too.
In addition, Choices assists in refining occupational and educational goals by allowing you to enter selection criteria based on your own wants and needs and by having the system sort through its lists of occupations and institutions and prioritize them based on your input.

What types of assessments will I take?

You will take assessments based on your interest, values and skills. You can then use the Cluster Finder, Workplace Skills Checklist and Transferable Skills Checklist to see what matches you best.

Will I have someone to help me navigate through this assessment?

Yes, a Career Services Advisor and/or Academic Advisor will help assist you with questions or concerns you may have with navigation when your profile is created.

What do I do with the results?

You are encouraged to schedule a follow up meeting with a Career Services Advisor and/or Academic Advisor to discuss your results.

How do I get started?

Send an email to Career Services
Please include the following:

  • First and Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Expected Graduation Year
  • Student ID#

Check for a return Email from Career Services with your:

  • Portfolio Name
  • Portfolio Password
  • Go to:
    Next: Sign in and click on the “Choices Planner”
    Under (work) select and complete the following sections:
  • Interest Profiler
  • Work values Sorter
  • Basic Skills Survey
  • And lastly, “Cluster Finder”

Once you have completed all 4 categories, your Choices Assessment is completed.
Email Career Services at: in order to schedule your assessment interpretation or contact the Career Center at: 972-238-6921.