Featured Employers Guidelines

Career Services can include your company as a Featured Employer!

Richland College was the fourth of seven colleges in the Dallas County Community College District enrolling its first students in 1972. It has subsequently become the largest DCCCD College, enrolling more than 12,000 college credit students and 8,000 non-credit continuing education students each semester.

If you would like to add another dimension and aid to your recruiting efforts by taking part in the Featured Employer Career Service Website, please indicate your interest to participate on the Career Fair Summary page provided in your packet. Contact Career Services by e-mail or phone to schedule your featured information.

E-mail to:
Phone: (972) 238-6365
(972) 238-6921

What Does This Mean?

This means that now, your company can have an even greater exposure on campus!

We will post your company employment information within our Career Services Web-site as well as other information about your company that you feel potential applicants need to know.

We will display company logos, pictures of the working environment and a brief company biography.

You will be able to list employment type (s), location of facility, application process and contact information.

Your company will be featured for 90 days!

This Is a Free Service…

Career Services will feature a total of 3 companies per 60-day cycle. Featured employers are listed on a first to schedule first to feature basis.

  • Employers are responsible for the content of information displayed in the featured web-site
  • Graphics such as logos and pictures depicting product information about your company will only be used with permission and/or written consent from the company and/or organization requesting to have their information featured on the web-site.
  • Information to be displayed on the web-site for your company can be submitted to the career center by supplying us with a designated web-link to your employment web pages. When you are ready, you may e-mail us at WOsby@dcccd.edu, call us at 972-238-6365 or fax us at 972-238-6967.
  • Information submitted for display/featured, may not contain:
    • Information of solicitation for donations
    • Information to sell merchandise or products
    • Information offering free gifts to students without prior approval
  • All employers featured must have an EEO Statement on file with Richland College’s Career Services as well as displayed statement mentioned in the content of featured company’s information.