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Now that you have an idea of what type of career you would like, finding that career becomes the next priority on your list of many things to do. Having a good set of Job Search Tools to utilize maybe the key to your successful search. Where to start, how to prepare yourself, and your marketing tools are essential steps that you must take.

Top 10 Employers Who Wants Graduates with technical degrees?

  1. Consulting
  2. Computer software/data processing
  3. Electrical/Electronics
  4. Computers and Business-Equipment
  5. Automotive/mechanical
  6. Engineering/ surveying
  7. Aerospace
  8. Communication Services
  9. Chemicals/Allied products
  10. Petroleum

Source: NACE Survey, July 1999. Data are reported job offers not acceptances. Data are for bachelor’s degree graduates. Employers are ranked by percentage of offers, with those listed first providing the largest percentage.

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