Beginning of the Semester

Substitute Policy

Substitute Instructors: Occasionally a substitute instructor is needed when there is an extenuating circumstance. Potential substitute teachers should be discussed with the program coordinators in the initial stages of course planning. The following policies have been established to facilitate the continuance of quality instruction in the absence of the instructor.

  • Procurement – Program coordinators will work with instructors to provide substitutes; however, instructors are encouraged to seek their own substitutes, subject to the approval of the program coordinator.
  • Standards – All substitute instructors must meet the educational standards of the Dallas County Community College District. Preference is given to instructors who are on the Richland system.
  • Preparation – Substitutes must be given sufficient information by the person enlisting their service to conduct the class session(s).
  • Pay – It is the responsibility of the instructor to reimburse the substitute.