Beginning of the Semester


Teaching contract is a statement of mutual commitment between the instructor and Richland College. Contracts may be held for signature in the Continuing Education contract office (T160) or mailed to the instructor, but they MUST be signed prior to the first class meeting. Changes, if any, can be made at that time, and the instructor should: Verify name, address, zip, telephone number(s) and employee ID number number.


Contracts must be input by Human Resources before payment for a course can be made. If your class begins on or before the 20th of the month payment will be made the last working day of that month. Pay for courses that begin after the 20th of the month is made the following month. If a course lasts longer than one month the pay is distributed equally among the number of months covered.

Instructors will be set up for direct deposit of your pay at the time your papers are processed by completing a direct deposit form and attaching a blank, voided check.

A copy of your deposit can be made on eConnect. An instruction on logging on is included in your new hire packet and can be picked up in Human Resource or in T160