Beginning of the Semester

eRollVerify the student ID number and names of registered students in your class by logging onto eConnect and clicking on the My Class Roster (XROP) link under the Faculty Menu. Careful maintenance of each eRoll is essential for the State audit. It is important, therefore, for instructors to follow the procedures outlined below:

Prior to the first class meeting make sure that you have a saved copy of the eRoll template or one you have created in a spreadsheet format using MS Excel (.xls). This template can be accessed from our RLC CE Community on eCampus. If you have trouble downloading it from eCampus, please contact your Continuing Education Program Coordinator to have a copy emailed to you. Be sure to check and/or print out your class roster in eConnect. Peruse to be sure that all information on the roll is correct, paying careful attention to your name, employee ID number and course number. If there is a problem with the roll you may contact the registration office at 972-238-6146. Corrections, if needed, can be made before the class begins.

At the first class meeting the students’ names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses should be verified and changes or additions noted. If a student attends class whose name is NOT on the online roster, the instructor should ask to see the student’s fee receipt and check to be sure that it is marked and dated “paid.” Instructors must not permit students to remain in class without proof of registration. Fee receipts for students who register by telephone, email or postal mail are mailed to the students. A phone call to 972-238-6145 can confirm the students’ eligibility to remain in class.

Attendance must be kept for each student in your class. Track the students using the following abbreviations:

p = present
x = absent
(x) = excused absence

Some faculty members prefer to create their eRoll prior to the class starting and some prefer to wait until the course it finished. Either way is acceptable. Once you have created the eRoll with the student names and ID numbers, fill in the class dates and attendance for each student. Determine each student’s completion status and place under the Final Grade column on the far right of the eRoll sheet. Use a “CP” for complete, and “NC” for incomplete. With concurrent and all Health Profession courses, it is preferable for you to use the credit grading/letter grading system (A, B, C, D, or F).

Sign, date and email the eRoll to your Continuing Education program coordinator within 7 business days of the last class day. If you do not know who your program coordinator is, please call 972-238-6918 to find out.