End of Course/Term/Semester

Submission of Final Grades

Examinations: A few Continuing Education courses have examinations. These grades are placed by the student’s name on the roll and are entered on the student’s record. Other courses require a designated level of performance on an examination to qualify for certification (e.g., Defensive Driving, Real Estate, Food Service, etc.). If an examination is to be administered, students must be told the following:

  • mastery level required for passing
  • acceptable examination behavior
  • manner in which exams will be scored and critiqued
  • the time the results will be given

As a general rule, certificates for these courses are mailed by the state and cannot be presented on campus.

Certificates: Certificates of Completion are available for students enrolled in vocationally related classes who have attended 90% of the classes and/or fulfilled the performance evaluation.

The certificates are then placed in your mailbox prior to the last class. At the end of the course the certificates are signed and distributed. Certificates for one-day seminars are placed in the instructor box on the day of class for immediate distribution. If a student is not in attendance on the last day of class, but earned a certificate, return that certificate to CE registration desk. Please destroy certificates for students who should not receive them.