Creative Writing

Creating Fiction Workshop: The Art of The Short Story
CRWZ 1000
Hours: 20

This course is designed to help writers create fiction filled with discovery for themselves and their readers. The course focuses on technical aspects of writing and combining showing with telling, and establishing urgency in the voice. Text required.

Creative Writing: 10 Essential Elements
CRWZ 1000
Hours: 3

This workshop is designed to help students take their writing to a higher, more satisfying level whether they are professionals or amateurs. Students will learn how to write with more impact and get specific insights into techniques they can apply in a wide variety of writing.

Writing Children’s Literature That Pops, Sizzles, and Sells
CRWZ 1000
Hours: 12

Learn how to appeal to children’s senses through effective writing. Learn when/how to edit/improve your story. Learn how to write for elementary/middle school children. Develop memorable characters, and write believable/appropriate dialogue. How to self-publish and have book signing success will be covered.

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