Argentine Tango I
DANZ 1000Hours: 10

Students will learn the Argentine Tango method of walking; basic pattern with closure and resolution; forward & backward Ocho’s; and break & cross steps. Participants will be able to use these patterns and movements improvisational on the dance floor. Partners are not required; however this is a dramatic dance and is best danced with someone with whom you are comfortable.

Argentine Tango II
DANZ 1000Hours: 10

This class will be a continuation of the first class in that there will be a continued focus on the fundamentals of the dance but will add more footwork and patterns. Improvising the dance will be introduced.

Ballroom Dance I
DANZ 1000Hours: 10

Experience the fun of ballroom dancing as you learn the basics of the fox trot, waltz, cha cha, and rumba. Style, etiquette, and rhythm will be emphasized, as well as proper footwork. A few “flash” moves will be included so you can whirl around the dance floor in style.

Ballroom Dance II
DANZ 1000Hours: 10

The great dances are back and more popular than ever before. Gain confidence as you continue to improve timing, balance, and grace while adding advanced variations and polish to old favorites.

Ballroom/Latin Social Dance
DANZ 1000Hours: 10

This class will feature partner dances such as Waltz and Foxtrot and the classic Latin rhythms of Mambo, Rumba, Cha-Cha and Merengue. This course is designed for the beginner student and will teach basics that will get you out of your seat and moving around the dance floor!

Salsa Dance
DANZ 1000Hours: 10

Learn the hot moves and the fun steps of salsa and add some spice into your semester. Students will learn the basic moves and progress to steps and combinations – all while getting fit and having fun.

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