Early Childcare Associate

Program Overview

This program is designed for those who would like to either work in a daycare/early childcare center or to provide in-home childcare services. It is also a great opportunity for those who already work as an early childcare educator but want to become certified as a Child Development Associate (CDA).

For those who are interested in becoming certified as a Child Development Associate (CDA), please review the requirements: http://www.cdacouncil.org/the-cda-credential.

Length of Training

This program consists of two core courses and four support courses for a total of 204 instructional hours. Students have the ability to complete the program in approximately two semesters. Support course offerings may vary per semester.

Core Courses

RubricCourse TitleHours
CDEC 1054Introduction to Childcare48
CDEC 1016Child Development Associate (CDA) 124

Support Courses

RubricCourse TitleHours
EMSP 1019CPR for Childcare Professionals8
IFWA 1050Food Safety & Nutrition8
CDEC 1012Child Guidance and Behavioral Issues8
POFT 1006

Job Search for Early Childcare Center OR 8
CDEC 1032In-Home Childcare Preparation8

Optional Courses

RubricCourse TitleHours
CDEC 1041CDA Test Prep36

More Information:
Please call Nancy S. at 972-238-6010.
email: NSoto@dcccd.edu

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