Marketing Certificate

Program Overview

Whether you want to work in advertising, marketing, sales or public relations the marketing certificate program is designed to give students the fundamentals needed to make their start into the marketing field.

Length of Training

Students should complete the requirements for the certificate in one to two semesters dependent on course offerings.

Core Coursework

BMGT 1016Marketing Basics24
MRKG 1091Marketing 2.0 24

Introduction to Marketing: BMGT 1016
An introduction to the marketing process including the role of the consumer, development of products and services, analysis of market forces, and determination of prices, place, and promotion. At the end of this course students should identify the product, place, price, and promotion used in the marketing process in relationship to customer needs.

Marketing Research & Strategies: MRKG 1091
This course covers practical experiences in analyzing marketing studies using data-driven decision-making processes. Includes interrelationships among marketing price, place, promotion, and product responsibility. At the end of the course students should be able to analyze marketing studies employing the problem-solving process; utilize marketing research techniques to implement competitive marketing decisions; demonstrate market research knowledge; and interpret marketing research data to forecast industry trends and meet customer demands.

Marketing on a Social Network: MRKG 1091
Explore electronic tools such as Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to be utilized in marketing. Focus on marketing communications in developing customer relationships. At the end of this course students should be able to perform market analysis; state e-Marketing goals and evaluate electronic communications; identify and reach target audience; design and evaluate customer feedback techniques.

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