Nonprofit Management Certificate

Program Overview

The Nonprofit Management certificate curriculum is designed to equip all nonprofit professionals with the knowledge, skills and ability to establish, to manage and to sustain a successful nonprofit organization. This uniquely blended curriculum comprises of five core topics that will contribute to the sustainability of your organization.

Length of Training

Dependent on course offerings students may complete the entire program in approximately two semesters. Nonprofit course offerings may vary by semester.

Nonprofit Fundamentals

RubricCourse TitleHoursCost
BUSG 1008The Essentials of Nonprofit Management16$104
BUSG 1091501c3 Workshop8$52

Capacity Building Courses

RubricCourse TitleHoursCost
BGMT 2006Leading a Nonprofit Organization16$104
BUSG 1025Strategic Planning: A Strategy for Sustainability16$104
HRPO 1091HR and Legal Issues for Nonprofits24$156

Fiscal Management Courses

RubricCourse TitleHoursCost
ACNT 1002Budget Development Lab16$104

Fund Development Courses

RubricCourse TitleHoursCost
BUSG 1006Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations16$104
ETWR 1000Grant Writing Essentials Workshop16$104
BUSG 1091Evidence-Based Program Development & Evaluation8$52

Branding & Marketing for Nonprofits

RubricCourse TitleHoursCost
COMG 2030Branding your Organization’s Name8$52
MRKG 1091Networking in the Digital Age: Social Media Effect8$52
 Total Certificate Hours & Tuition Cost136$988

More Information:
Please call Heather Y. at 972-761-6716.

The Essentials of Nonprofit Management Rubric: BUSG
Hours: 16
This course is the preparatory course for the certification. Participants will leave with knowledge about the supportive services offered through the certificate, various nonprofit structures, industry trends, board and volunteer development and retention, and how to sustain their nonprofit organizations. There will be speakers from various corporations, foundations, and volunteer organizations who will share information about their organizations.

501c3 Workshop Rubric: BUSG 10
Hours: 8
This course is designed for individuals applying for a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status and will guide the participants in the right direction to creating a nonprofit organization that will be approved by both the State of Texas and Internal Revenue Service.

Leading a Nonprofit: BMGT 20
Hours: 16
This course is for the incumbent mangers as well as aspiring managers to use introspection as the key component to effective management. Through this experiential process, the goal is for participants to walk away with a clearer sense of how they are showing up to both internal and external stakeholders and how that affects the overall organizational production. After they assess their “Being” as a leader, then there will be further discussion about the various leadership styles in comparison to staff development styles. Finally, the course will conclude with reviewing various assessment tools for both leaders and staff.

Strategic Planning: A Strategy for Sustainability Rubric: BUSG
Hours: 16
This course focuses on assisting organizational leaders with gaining clarity about the direction of their organizations as well as equipping them with the fundamentals of an easy and proven planning strategy that not only evaluates the organization, but also the stakeholders. Participants will conclude the course with completing a vision board of their organization and a tentative 3 year strategic plan.

HR and Legal Issues for Nonprofits Rubric: HRPO 10
Hours: 24
This is an introductory course to the behavioral and legal approaches to the management of human resources in nonprofit organizations. Participants who have a desire to learn more about human resource management in general are encouraged to take the Human Resources Management Certificate program which includes a much more broad and in depth approach.

Budget Development Lab Rubric: ACNT 1002
Hours: 16

This lab is a complimentary course to the ACNT 1010 course. It is designed as a hands-on workshop to teach nonprofit practitioners how to develop and maintain various budgets using MS Excel.

Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations Rubric: BUSG 1006
Hours: 16
This course focuses on assisting organizational leaders with gaining clarity about the direction of their organizations as well as equipping them with the fundamentals of an easy and proven planning strategy that not only evaluates the organization, but also the stakeholders. Participants will conclude the course with completing a vision board of their organization and a tentative 3 year strategic plan.

Grant Writing Essentials Workshop Rubric: ETWR 1000
Hours: 16
This course will provide students with an introduction to grant writing, focusing on the compilation of content needed to create a grant proposal.

Evidence-Based Program Development & Evaluation Rubric: BUSG 1091
Hours: 8
This course will provide participants with increased knowledge of the five steps of the evaluation process and data collection and analysis procedures. Logic models are a widely used and accepted method of describing program goals, objectives, activities and outcomes. They are also often difficult to create and comprehend. Participants in this workshop will learn about logic model usage and develop their own logic model through use of a narrative logic model tool.

Branding your Organization’s Name Rubric: COMG 2030
Hours: 8
This course will introduce participants to the nuts and bolts of creating organizational branding.

Networking in the Digital Age: Social Media Effect Rubric: MRKG 1091
Hours: 8
This course will introduce students to new networking concepts for nonprofit organizations with a focus on social media and collaborations to fulfill a mission.

Instructor Bios

C. Ja’net Chappelle is founder and CEO of Wisdom Counselors, LLC (WC) a for profit management firm committed to equipping emerging 21st Century leaders with cutting edge organizational designs and systems that are sure to spur growth and retention within organizations. She has approximately 20 years of experience in the public sector – specifically working with schools, churches, and nonprofits. In the government space, she has worked on political campaigns as well as advocated for educational policies. The most C. Ja’net has secured for an organization in governmental funding is $1 billion. She has served as a Board member. She holds a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from North Carolina Central University and a certification in nonprofit management from Duke University. Currently, she teaches Government at multiple campuses within the Dallas/Fort Worth area and is pursuing her doctorate in Organizational Leadership with in emphasis in Organizational Development from Grand Canyon University

Paula Sullivan is the Co-Founder/CEO of the Wright Resource Group LLC (WRG) a full-service, MWBE certified leadership development consulting firm specializing in a wide range of leadership and management training. She is also Co-Founder/Executive Director of Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders, Inc (ITL), which is the nonprofit arm of WRG providing the same opportunities for the underserved population. Within her 20 years in the banking industry, Mrs. Sullivan has a track record that exhibits extraordinary leadership in the overall achievements of organizations philosophies, missions, strategies, annual goals, and objectives. She managed a $5M grant and sponsorship budgets. In addition, she developed and implemented the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) goals for Citibank – Texas, which supported programs, products, and services to help strengthen low and moderate-income communities. In this role, Mrs. Sullivan was appointed to develop an overall community strategy for Citibank – Texas and is credited with the design of an innovative branding strategy with global appeal reaching over 500 influential community organizations, dignitaries, and business leaders. Moreover, she has a long history of community involvement and board memberships: Former 3rd Vice Chair of the Urban League of Greater Dallas and North Central Texas, Inc., United Negro College Fund/Executive Advisory Board, Children’s Advocacy Council Center, Community of Churches, Dallas iMedia, Educational Opportunities, Learning for Life, LIFT, North Texas Housing Coalition, and St. Philips School and Community Center. She is an Alumnae of Dallas Leadership 2001. She also holds a Masters in Business Administration from Dallas Baptist University.

Rita Greer is the founder of Gabby Enterprises, a consulting organization that specializes in nonprofit management, training, and setup. Gabby Enterprises has national clients in the corporate sector which includes individuals, small businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations. Within her 25 years in the nonprofit industry, Rita increased organizations’ overall profitability by developing collaborations, grant research and proposal submissions. Before starting Dominion Training and Support Center in 1999, Rita held a leadership position within the Annuity Board of the Southern Baptist Convention now known as Guidestone Financials. She has a history of community involvement and providing training for various organizations such as the Child Care Group, Dallas Housing Authority, Small Business Development Center (Corinth Street & Cedar Hill locations), El Centro College, Community Churches, and Desoto Independent School District. Currently, Rita holds a Bachelor in Business Studies from Dallas Baptist University and is consulting nonprofit organizations nationwide.

Rhonda Miller is an accomplished administrator and college teacher skilled in grant making as well as the research and grant writing aspects of the fund development process. Her diverse administrative background includes twenty years as a grant maker and grant seeker, the foundation of her unique perspective on the grant writing process. She is a former Deputy Director of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities where she advised universities, cities, museum, cultural centers, preservation and historical societies. As a grant seeker, her experience ranged from prospect research at Tulane University to grant writing for numerous nonprofit organizations.

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