Cloud Computing Support Bootcamp

Program Description

Designed for those who want to stay abreast of new technologies by adding cloud computing to their repertoire of IT skills. This program encompasses the curriculum IT professionals need to develop real-world cloud computing proficiency.

Career Overview

Like any career, working in cloud computing requires specific knowledge and skills. In the competitive market today, it is important to have the tools necessary to distance yourself from other candidates. An IT career in cloud computing means staying ahead of the technology learning curve. With a foundation in cloud computing, you can follow many different avenues which include: developer, architect, engineer, etc.

Length and Cost of Training

The program consists of 288 continuing education hours (over 16 weeks) of classroom instruction. Tuition for this amazing program is only $2,710.00.


Basic skills and a general working knowledge of the various Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, etc.)

ITSC 1016Linux Installation and Configuration128
ITSE 1003Intro to Programming Language – MySQL20
ITNW 1058Network +75
ITSE 1002Computer Programming — Python65

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Kaylin Ortiz

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