Computer Programming

Computer programmers create, design, write, test (debug/troubleshoot) and maintain the source code of computer programs. The source code is written in a particular programming language. Programmers develop applications for the workplace environment, web and other general programming areas. Job listings might be for software programmer, software developer, software engineer and software test.

Suggested Prep Courses

  • Basics of Programming (ITSE 1003), plus basic computer knowledge.
    Students are required to take this course if they have no programming knowledge.

Programming Languages offered through Continuing Education

ITSE 1042Java Programming40
ITSE 2032Java Programming, Advanced40
ITSE 1022Programming in ā€œCā€ 32
ITSE 1042Programming in C#32
ITSC 2032Programming in C++32
ITSE 1091Javascript I 24
ITSE 1091Javascript II24
ITSE 1042SQL40
ITSC 2032SQL Android-Apps Programming I32
ITSC 2032SQL Android-Apps Programming II32

Textbook and Flash drive required for all classes.
Classes may vary by semester.

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