EMT – Emergency Medical Technician

EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Application

The goals of this program are to provide qualified students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for them to demonstrate entry level competence in completing multiple tasks and duties of an Emergency Medical Technician as defined by the NREMT and DSHS. These goals include to:

  1. Serve the profession by providing skilled, professional EMTs
  2. Serve the community by providing excellence in emergency care
  3. Serve the student by providing quality training in a satisfying career
  4. Serve the college by providing a program that contributes to its mission

Functional Job Description:

EMS personnel are required to enter chaotic situations and perform job duties under a great deal of stress. They must react quickly to rapidly changing situations and the needs of the patient. Patients’ lives and those of the first responders depend on rapid and appropriate actions by EMTs. As such, all applicants to the program must be able to meet the physical challenges of the profession including but not limited to: lifting and moving patients, bending, crawling, use of both hands to perform CPR and other skills, be able to read and write the English language without assistance, be able to hear with assistance, perform skills within specific timeframes as deemed appropriate by the NREMT and DSHS. EMT Certification is a pre-requisite for anyone seeking a career as a paramedic and/or firefighter.


The program consists of two courses. The EMT Program requires that admitted students complete the CPR for Healthcare Professionals or other approved CPR certifications prior to registration for EMSP 1501-Emergency Medical Technician – Basic course.

ALL required immunization records must be submitted prior to registration for clinical externship

Implementation and Technical Support SpecialistHoursTuition
EMSP 1001 – Emergency Medical Technician112$950
EMSP 1060 – Emergency Medical Technician – Clinical48$315
EMT Program Total Tuition $1,265
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