Workplace English As A Second Language

Essential Skills for the Workplace: Beg. A & B

COMG 1091*
Designed for students with very limited English speaking skills and limited reading and writing skills in their first language who are trying to enter the workforce. Two 30-hour courses are offered. Once students successfully complete the two part series they will be prepared to enter the Basic Workforce Communications Skills Program. Text required.

Basic Workforce Communication Skills – Levels 1-8

Level 1: COMG 1000*, Level 2: COMG 1001*, Level 3: COMG 1004*, Level 4: COMG 1005*, Level 5: COMG 1007*,Level 6: COMG 1008*, Level 7: POFT 1001*, Level 8: POFT 1091*.
Eight levels of instruction develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills to aid in workplace communication and to assist in functioning with greater confidence within the community. Coursework progresses from entry-level job readiness training to on-the-job performance enhancement. These classes are available in a fast track format that enables students to complete up to four full levels per semester. Text required.

Workplace Conversation Skills

This course assists in the integration of interpersonal skills, social skills and cultural and conversational acclimation skills necessary to succeed in business and to become a team player. Text required.

  • Workplace Conversation Beg. A and B COMG 1003
  • Workplace Conversation Int. A & Adv. B COMG 1040*
  • Workplace Conversation Int. A & Adv. B COMG 1045*

Accent Reduction Skills for the Workplace

POFT 1002*
Instruction focuses on improving the quality of spoken English and reducing native accents, with the realization that job retention or advancement depends upon correct pronunciation and speaking skills. Recommended prerequisite is Level 2. Text required.

TOEFL Preparation Course

ESOZ 1000
The course focuses on test preparation, review and practice testing in reading comprehension, vocabulary, structure, written expression, and listening skills. Four review areas are covered; listening, reading, writing and grammar. Text required.

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