Professional Development

Ongoing professional development and scholarship are integral to developing a sustainable teaching and learning environment that promotes innovation and excellence. The Center for Integrative Learning provides opportunities for faculty to learn and experiment with novel teaching methods and strategies that lead to Integrative Learning as well as refine their assignment, assessment, and course design methods. CILTI coordinates various workshops, institutes, and consultations. Additionally, the CILTI administers the Integrative Learning Fellows program.

Integrative Learning Fellows


The overarching goal of this program is to provide faculty with an opportunity to research and/or enhance their understanding of a self-selected pedagogical approach or high-impact strategy that leads to Integrative Learning. The program also supports faculty in generating resources to be made available via CILTI’s teaching resources and developing and delivering professional development sessions based on their research.

Integrative Learning Fellows will complete an application process wherein they will identify their selected research project (pedagogical approach or high-impact strategy) and provide other information as required. Selected Fellows will serve a one academic year term. As a cohort, selected Fellows will participate in regularly scheduled professional development sessions (i.e. a general introduction to Integrative Learning, classroom research design, methods, and strategies, professional development delivery techniques, and publication/document design). All Fellows must provide at least one professional development session to be made available via the CILTI.


A candidate must:

  • Be a faculty member or full-time academic staff.
  • Be willing to contribute 3-5 hours per week to project-related activities for the full academic year.
  • Have the endorsement of his/her Dean or Department head.


Fellows will be allotted an allowance of $2,200 each to be used to purchase materials and/or resources (including journals, online access, books, etc.) specific to their research. The allowance may also be used to support participation in a relevant institute, workshop, conference, webinar(s) or other appropriate academic enrichment activity.

Fellows are encouraged to apply for the district’s Pay for Performance program. Positive completion of the project will result in an adjustment to base salary. Acceptance into the Fellows program does not guarantee approval of Pay for Performance. Fellows must adhere to and satisfy the criteria of the Pay for Performance program.

2017-2018 Integrative Learning Fellows Call for Applications
2017-2018 Integrative Learning Fellows Application

Workshops and Institutes

The Center for Integrative Learning develops, coordinates, and/or facilitates workshops and institutes that advance Integrative Learning. Workshops and Institutes Schedule Available in A105.


CILTI will connect faculty and staff interested in one-on-one consultations with subject matter experts engaged with pedagogical approaches and/or high-impact strategies that lead to Integrative Learning. To request a consultation, email