Richland’s Role

For more than a decade, Richland College’s organizational values (Integrity; Mutual Trust; Wholeness; Fairness; Considerate, Meaningful Communications; Mindfulness; Cooperation; Diversity; Responsible Risk-Taking; and Joy) have been based on the belief that whole people best learn, teach, serve, and lead. Richland relies on its faculty and staff to help one another (through professional development) and its students (through curriculum and co-curriculum) to nurture our inner, reflective selves and to connect them seamlessly to our outer, active lives of service to others and to our planet.

Whole-people development and engagement animate and activate Richland’s performance excellence model, which was inspired by the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria to foster continuous improvement and breakthrough innovation. Richland views organizational performance excellence as vital to student success. This diagram attempts to illustrate the essential interplay of various programs offered to engage Richland employees and those they serve in the work of connecting their souls to their roles in building sustainable local and world community. The diagram portrays that these Richland programs are offered discretely, simultaneously, and/or in an overlapping fashion or on a continuous and sometimes cyclical basis as students and employees come and go, as their lives with the college evolve, and as Richland’s contextual community and global environment change.