Style Guide

Official Richland Design

Every page hosted on the Richland College web server must contain and adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. All material must follow Richland College Style Guidelines
  2. Richland Global Navigation Bar at the top of each page
  3. A clear page title at the top under the Global Navigation Bar
  4. A navigation menu on the left of the content linking to every main page in the site
  5. Richland Global Footer at the bottom of each page.
  6. If you want to integrate a video into in your site, please send a request to the Video Marketing Team. All video must be approved by the Video Marketing Team and provide a corresponding script for captioning purposes (ADA). The Richland College site does not allow for any Flash content.
  7. Each page contains proper meta tags defined by RLC Web team
  8. All ADA Compliance guidelines must be followed
  9. Limited number of text colors and attributes
  10. Information is the most important element of the web site so graphics are inserted only to enhance not to distract from the content
  11. Links need to be descriptive of the link. For example, Check your grades, Student Life or Employment Opportunities

It is helpful if content owners check and update their pages at least every 3 months.

Web Page Construction

The Web team must construct web pages that follow the above hosting rules.

Club pages’ contents are the responsibility of the individual clubs and must be limited to club business and be approved by the Student Programs Office and the club sponsors.

We do not recommend constructing your own web pages. It is the job of the Richland College Web team to create and update the web pages that will be placed in the web site. If you need a web page created or updated just submit the appropriate content and the web team will do it for you.

We will not put “under construction” anywhere on the site. If a page is not complete, it will not be posted.