Web Policy


Employees can post any information on the Richland website as long as it performs a Richland College-related business function and is not considered offensive. However, all web pages are subject to approval of the Information Services Office and the WebMaster and should follow the Richland Internet and Intranet Style guide.

  • We do not provide web hosting for non-college related business or personal information that is not relevant to your job at the college.
  • Individual instructor pages must be hosted on eCampus.
  • We will host information about college-related events or events that happen on the college campus.
  • We will host any college-related information.
  • We do not provide hosting of student built web pages, regardless of their function. Some student-built pages are, at this time, hosted by the multimedia center for their students in which web page construction is an integral part of their class. This is done on a separate web server.
  • If a student or employee is instructed by a Richland College employee or department to create a Richland College web page that is to be hosted on the RLC web server, they must follow all web guidelines, policies and procedures. A meeting must first be arranged between those involved and the Richland College Web Team to discuss the content, look of the page and any hosting issues. Their page will be subject to any and all changes seen fit by the Richland College WebMaster.
  • Any agreements made that concern hosting pages on the RLC web server MUST be approved by the RLC web team BEFORE the agreement is final.
  • Students and employees may not solicit their work to other employees and departments.
  • We will not host files that are not delivered over the web (the web server is not a file server).
  • We will not support active server pages (asp) or Frontpage.
  • We only support gif, jpg, html, cfm and pdf files.
  • Any copyrighted material needs written permission from the owner to be posted.
RLC Webteam Responsibilities
  • Create and update Richland College web site pages.
  • Provide the community and employees with information/services about Richland College in a cost-effective environment. Please see the disclaimer about web content accuracy.
  • Provide guidance and training to faculty and staff pertaining to the RLC web site.
  • We do not administer eConnect, eCampus, Blackboard, Colleague, Student email or Outlook email. These services are provided by the District and Richland Information Technology offices