Web Posting Procedures

Staff Directory Changes

Need to change your entry in the Staff Directory? Email 8QuickQuack@dcccd.edu.

Web Team Email

Please send your web posting request to 8WebTeam@dcccd.edu.


Web updates or changes can be submitted via email. Please send us an email message with your request, the corresponding URL and reasons for your updates (if not apparent in the message). This not only helps us in our record-keeping, but also facilitates input. While we appreciate your verbal requests, please understand that we require that you submit your projects via email.

  • New pages or major updates.
    • Information and images must be provided on disk or via email.
    • Where you want this page to be linked from on the site must also be included in the request
  • Minor Updates
    • Printed copy of the web page marked up in red ink in legible writing or typed up in MS Word
    • URL must be on the Web Page Production Request Form

Regardless of whatever level of HTML knowledge you may have, please refrain from attempting to design your web page on your own. We understand that many do-it-yourself tools exist for people to put together web pages with a limited amount of web design experience. Our Richland College site was designed specifically to have a uniform navigation experience and to meet all current web and accessibility standards. Therefore, most requested edits should amount to no more than text and image changes.