Business Productivity Skills

Contact Information
Juana Leonard
Director of Corporate Training
Phone: 214-360-1247

Richland College is capable of providing your company with a wide variety of courses addressing the knowledge and skills required for employee success in the diverse, every-changing, and face-paced work environments of today. Courses will vary in length and structure based on company needs and course expectations. Students attending courses will receive continuing education credits (CEU’s) and completion certificates.

  • Customer Service
  • Fine tune customer service skills making each contact with an employee/visitor/guest a positive and productive experience. Practical and logical program tailored to provide a blueprint for creating short term and long term relationships.

  • Presentation Skills
  • Polishing the presenter, profiling the audience, and perfecting the presentation are all elements that will be included in this workshop.

  • Diversity
  • Sessions enable participants to understand the impact and hidden strengths of a diverse and multi-cultural workforce.

  • Technical and Business Writing
  • Participants will improve the accuracy, value and quality of written business documents and communications.

  • Proposal Writing
  • Learn the art of writing winning proposals along with tips and tools for selling with graphics, organizing and formatting the proposal, and recognizing proposal evaluation criteria.

  • Time Management
  • By implementing the practical and effective time management strategies taught in this workshop participants will learn to work smarter not harder, feel less stressed, and be more productive.

  • Project Management
  • Improve organizational performance through practical methods and tools applicable all levels of your organization. Course content and class exercises build on project management basics as well as advanced methodologies found with IT and software development teams.

  • Train the Trainer
  • This is a concise, compact course to prepare content experts to train within the company. Learn to identify training needs, learning objectives, develop curriculum, and use adult learning techniques. Companies will quickly see a return on investment with this training.