Expert Instruction and Facilitation

Our trainers are content experts that are involved in analyzing the results of the training needs assessments and designing the curriculum to meet the needs of the organization. Our trainers have industry experience that focuses on the impact the trainings will have on employees’ job performance and/or tasks.

Our trainers have the certifications that your employees strive to attain. And they have the teaching experience that prepares employees for certifications, new technology and stricter industry competency standards.

Our trainers:

  • Help the group achieve specific outcomes through the use of
    active, participatory, participant-centered methods.
  • Regularly evaluate the process in real time, and can measure how well the participants achieved the stated outcomes at the end of the process.
  • Have made themselves familiar with the organizational culture and context in which they are working, and ensure the processes “fit” that culture.
  • Stimulate dialogue and interaction between participants, not just between themselves and the participants.
  • Helps to create and sustain an environment of trust and openness where everyone feels safe to speak honestly and where differences of opinion are respected;
  • Ensures that everyone feels included and has an opportunity to participate;

Education and training is our business!

Contact Information
Juana Leonard
Director of Corporate Training
Phone: 214-360-1207