Language Training

Contact Information
Juana Leonard
Director of Corporate Training
Phone: 214-360-1247

Richland College is proud of its international ambiance – serving students from 135 nations who speak over 90 different languages. The college also services thousands of students enrolled in language training that can be purchased as private, on-site courses for your employees.

Language courses for business and industry can be customized and delivered on a schedule that fits your needs. The college can help you determine if a detailed conversational language program or a job-specific Command Spanish® course can best serve the needs of your employees. Richland instructors are noted for their language expertise, business background, and passion for teaching. The variety of language training provided by Richland College Corporate Services includes:

Command Spanish®

Command Spanish® is the #1 provider of occupational language programs in the U.S. for individuals with no prior knowledge of Spanish. By shadowing employees in various job environments, Command Spanish® has designed specific courseware and instructional tools to enable professionals in the public and private sector to speak to co-workers and customers in Spanish.

"This is the first time I have taken a language class that was not only useful, but also gave me confidence enough to continue learning and practicing it." – Mary McLaud, Dallas County Health & Human Services


Helps employees surmount communication barriers that inhibit individual confidence, productivity, and integration into the company work environment. Classes include a Richland College instructor led on-site assessment session of employee English comprehension skills.

Topics of study include:

  • Inglés Mínimo®
  • Business Communication and Cross-Cultural Awareness
  • English for Workplace Communication using Workplace Plus®
  • Pronunciation and Accent Reduction