Training Assessments

Richland College’s Corporate Services Division provides training needs assessments that align with the culture of your organization. The assessments are implemented with evidence-based outcomes – not opinions, and benchmark skills to actual performance to help steer strategy and action plans. We believe that training assessments can be used to address training shortfalls, to develop new training programs, and to improve the quality of training to make it more effective and valuable for employees.

Richland College’s Corporate Services Division has designed and implemented training assessments that provide powerful insight to help organizations to focus time and resources on the areas that will have the greatest impact to leadership and the organizational strategy. After the assessment is complete, we provide guidelines for who needs to be trained, what types of training they need, and a schedule for training completion.

If your organization is interested in a training needs assessment please contact:

Contact Information
Juana Leonard
Director of Corporate Training
Phone: 214-360-1207