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Road to Attaining Job Search Skills

In today’s uncertain economy, where companies are downsizing staff while upsizing services, having a road-map that provides a plan for success is essential to your business and personnel well-being.

Innovative, award-winning education pioneers present this new series, delivered via online learning, that allows participants to access educational modules and complete work in a self-paced mode from the convenience of their own computers.

40-hour instruction encompassing:

  • Self Skill Assessment
  • Résumé Preparation
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Financial Planning
  • Stress Management

A Dallas Colleges Online and Richland College Production
Preparing Students and Staff to Meet Job Search Goals!

Enrollment at community colleges is at an all time high.
Over the next decade enrollment is expected to increase 14-percent, of which 80-percent will be minorities. Most administrations would applaud enrollment increases. But not in this day and age — WHY? Because 43 states are facing substantial revenue crises and most others are slashing their budgets.

Uncertain economic times have created a sluggish national economy,leaving many states reeling.
Data compiled by the National Conference of State Legislatures shows these states are operating in the red – as much as $85-billion. Though most set aside tax revenue for higher education, less money will be available for educational services.

Your Road to successful Workforce Development

…has been paved by the development of this unique user-friendly series which helps the unemployed (and under-employed) identify appropriate skills for appropriate jobs.

These educational modules deliver 40-hours of self-paced instruction for skill assessment, résumé preparation and interview techniques. Each module is independent of each other and has expected goals for completion.

All instruction and course materials are developed by instructional development
professionals who take into account the design and style most comfortable for workers, no matter what their background or experience for easy, user-friendly success. Participants are provided with both print and streaming video visuals for step-by-step assessment, preparation, submission and encouragement — including printer-friendly pages and cited URL resource links.

We invite you to review the materials for a sample topic that can help prepare your institution’s students and employees for what the future may bring.

The Crucial and Timely Topics Include:

Module 1: Self-Skill Assessment and Résumé Preparation (16-hours)

  • identifies skills that comprise a “GOOD” résumé and includes samples
  • illustrates the various resume components and provides options for submission
  • lists the "Top 10" in-demand job skills
  • helps individual select self-management skills and make them into transferable skills
  • provides "power words" to use in résumé writing, along with self-test answers to questions about preparing a résumé

Module 2: Interviewing Skills (8-hours)

  • objectives enable prospects to identify and perform steps needed to prepare for an interview
  • assists in developing answers for common interview questions, including what’s illegal for prospective employers to ask, along with what questions to put on your own list
  • identifies interview styles used by employers
  • provides the means to understand how to negotiate salary, to "close" the interview and follow-up

Module 3: Financial Planning (8-hours)

  • identifies income and (ways to decrease) expenses for developing a financial budget
  • identifies the unemployment filing process, credit reports and sources for financial assistance

Module 4: Stress Management (8-hours)

  • explains how to recognize symptoms and identify causes of stress (and ways to reduce stress)
  • assists in developing a game plan to build self-esteem