Instructor Rights and Responsibilities

Instructor has the right:

  • To identify and establish essential skills, requirements, knowledge and standards for the course
  • To request and receive from the student authorization for accommodations issued by the Disability Services Office
  • To deny a request for accommodations if the student does not provide authorization from the Disability Services Office
  • To challenge requests for accommodations that would compromise the academic standards of the course
  • To select among equally effective accommodations
  • To assign grades commensurate with student’s performance
  • To fail a student who has not met the minimum course requirements
  • To expect all students to adhere to the student code of conduct regardless of the student’s disability

Instructor has the responsibility:

  • To ensure that the course and activities are available within the most integrated setting
  • To provide course materials in accessible alternative format if requested e.g. enlarged print syllabus
  • To maintain appropriate confidentiality according to FERPA guidelines
  • To grade students on their abilities not their disabilities
  • To ensure that the agreed accommodations are being provided

Please remember that you are not expected to compromise your academic standards in any way. Be assured that a student who gives you a Student Request for Academic Accommodations form has provided the Disability Services Office with proof of a disability under the legal definition of the word. The type of adjustment requested will be one that is reasonable as it relates to the student’s disability.

If a student makes a request for accommodations but does not present a Request for Academic Accommodations, you have the right to make a student referral to the Disability Services Office.

Preferential treatment should not be given to a student with a disability. The legal requirement is that attempts should be made through accommodations to compensate for a life function that has been compromised by a disability. The accommodations should not give a student with a disability an unfair advantage.

Help is always available through the Disability Services Office both in understanding what is required by law and in ways to make the necessary accommodations.

The Disability Services Office is in Thunderduck Hall, T120. Call 972-238-6180