Learn to Lead

Learn To Lead … And Others Will Follow

If you want to become a successful knowledge-based leader, then our Management Program is ideal for you. It is flexible and designed for any student who is currently employed at least 15 hours per week and is already a manager or supervisor or wants to become one.

In our program you will learn many strategies, skills, techniques, and concepts, including how to:

  • Become a superb supervisor
  • Proactively resolve conflicts
  • Build high performing teams
  • Select and retain the best employees
  • Develop short term, moderate, and long term plans
  • Get work accomplished effectively through others
  • Use communication strategies that inspire others
  • Effectively motivate and manage diverse, multi-generational work groups
  • Develop rewarding incentive programs that enhance employee productivity
  • Boost employee loyalty and increase organizational trust
  • Effectively manage change and minimize employee resistance
  • Solve organizational problems through the use of creative decision-making techniques
  • Effectively manage projects
  • Apply cutting edge quality management and leadership strategies to strengthen and unify your organization