Cisco Course Descriptions

Apply these courses toward the following degree plans at Richland College

Computer Information Technology

  1. Network Administrator and Support ( AAS )
  2. Networking Associate (TASP waved Certificate)
  3. Networking Professional (TASP waved Certificate)
  4. Cisco Networking Intern Skills Achievement Award (New – Certificate in just 4 months)

ITCC 1401 – Exploration – Network Fundamentals – CISCO 1
ITCC 1404– Cisco Exploration 2 – Routing Protocols and Concepts – CISCO 2
ITCC 2408– Cisco Exploration 3 – LAN Switching and Wireless – CISCO 3
ITCC 2410– Cisco Exploration 4 – Accessing the WAN – CISCO 4

Prepares for the CISCO Certified Network Associate Certification. For more info about the CCNA exam.

ITCC 2432 – Advanced Routing Configuration – CCNP 1
ITCC 2451– Implementing Secure Converged Wide-area Networks – CCNP 2
ITCC 2452– Building Multilayer Switched Networks – CCNP 3
ITCC 2453– Optimizing Converged Networks – CCNP 4

Prepares for the CISCO Certified Network Professional Certification CCNP exam. Click on CISCO # links for latest certification info)

CPMT 2434 Network Security
(prerequisites: CISCO 1-4)
This course prepares students for the Cisco Firewall Specialist CQS as well as the foundation to the VPN Specialist, IDS Specialist, CCSP, and Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) Professional (certificate exams covered 642-503 SNRS and 642-523 SNPA)

ITNW 1451 Fundamentals of Wireless LANs
(suggested prerequisites: CISCO 1-2, or networking knowledge)
This course will prepare students to achieve the Cisco Wireless LAN Support Specialist designation

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