Course Offerings

Photography I (ARTS 2356 or COMM 1316)
An introduction to the Fundamentals of Photography. You will experience new ways of seeing that will excite your imagination. Through the practice of camera operation; the exploration of powerful image editing software, and viewing the work of great photographers, you will achieve the confidence and skill to create expressive images.

Photography II (ARTS 2357 or COMM 1317)
An exploration of Color Photography. This course builds on what is learned in the foundation class and emphasizes color theory and practice. You will be introduced to our professional lighting studio and the use of artificial light. More in-depth technical control, creative editing, and a refined printing experience are also provided.

Introduction to Photoshop (ARTS 2313 or COMM 2325)
This course will provide you with an in-depth, hands-on experience using the powerful industry standard software programs, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. This class will familiarize you with the amazing virtual reality of computerized image enhancement and manipulation. Topics include image editing, Layers, retouching, color correcting, and much more.

Advanced Photoshop (ARTS 2314 or COMM 2326)
The class continues the exploration to master more progressive creative possibilities with Adobe Photoshop. Topics include advanced compositing tools and techniques, channel operations, third-party filters, advanced coloring, output options, and creating a personal style through the development of a portfolio.

Studio Lighting (ARTS 2389)
Professional studio lighting is explored. Topics include Portraiture, Still-Life, and Figure Study, as well as use of lighting equipment, production photography, and editing and presenting your work. Upon completion you will have a practical understanding of photographic lighting control by being able to discern the effects and differences of using different types/qualities of light in different conditions.

Photographic Independent Study (ARTS 2311/ARTS 2312)
As an upper level course, you are given the flexibility to concentrate on a specific area of study of your choice for the semester. This could include Portraiture, Figure Study, Landscape, Still-Life, Documentary Photography, Studio Lighting, Abstraction, or a concept of your design. Scheduled meetings of the class and individually are arranged to accommodate students.

Photographic Multimedia (COMM 2324)
Focus on current trends in digital imaging & video to enhance your Web presence and digital portfolio. Use new media and social media tools such as Dropbox, Google+, blogs, You Tube, Vimeo, Virtual Worlds, and Linkedin for communications, project development and file management.