Program Benefits

While salaries for supervisors and managers vary significantly, depending on the industry, years of work experience, level of education, and other factors, many of our graduates experience tremendous opportunities for growth, advancement, and higher incomes after earning an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Management.

Our program offers several special benefits, some of which are unique to the Management Program. Among the benefits that students have reaped in our program are:

  • Professional attention from caring, experienced professors
  • State-of-the-art management skills, knowledge, and information
  • On campus, on site, and online course offerings availability
  • Enhanced opportunities for career advancement and increased earning potential
  • Increased confidence through understanding the dynamics of managing others
  • Excellent college education at a low, affordable cost
  • Twelve credit hours (20% of the college credit hours in this program) are earned through your current work experience
  • Enhanced confidence to pursue more advanced higher education, if desired
  • Management positions available in literally every industry