About the Honors Academy

What is the Honors Academy?

The Richland College Honors Academy is an intensive program of study specifically designed to offer an enriched and challenging academic environment where students are exposed to higher levels of learning and are expected to spend more time on application and analysis of the course material. Preparing our honors scholars to excel in competitive public or private four-year colleges and universities is an important goal of the Academy.

Who are Honors Students?

Honors students are a diverse group of highly motivated and capable, transfer-bound Richland College students who desire rigorous and rewarding courses of study. The Richland College Honors Academy is open to all qualifying credit students. All Honors students must complete an Honors Academy admission’s application.

What makes Honors different from other classes?

Honors classes generally incorporate a variety of learning experiences that emphasize critical thinking skills through collaborative learning, development of research skills, growth of personal leadership capabilities, and advanced communication skills, both oral and written. Honors courses generally offer access to smaller classes taught by specially selected honors faculty members. Often the texts differ from those in regular sections and emphasize use of original documents and current academic journals.

How does Honors include extra and co-curricular activities?

The Richland College Honors experience is not just about scholarship. Co-curricular and extra-curricular enrichment is an integral part of the Honors Academy. Honors students are involved in cultural activities both on and off campus and in community-based activities that incorporate learning experiences beyond the classroom.

Can Dual Credit or Richland College Collegiate High School students be a part of the Honors Academy?

Yes, Dual Credit and RCHS students are eligible in the same ways as other students. Dual Credit or RCHS students should contact their high school counselors for additional information.

Richland College is a member of both the National Collegiate Honors Council and the European Honors Council.