Admission Requirements

What are the criteria for admission to the Honors Academy?

All students must be TSI Met in Reading, Writing, and Math (or at the highest level of Developmental Math).

• First Time to College Students and students with fewer than 12 credit hours must have at least one of the following scores:

  • SAT (starting March 2016) = at least both 560 Math and at least 560 Evidence-Based Reading and Writing; or
  • SAT (prior to March 2016) = at least 1130 Combined Score for both Math and Critical Reading; or
  • ACT = at least 23 Composite Score with 21 Math and 21 English Scores; or
  • TSI Assessment = at least all of the following: 360 Reading and 345 Math and 6 Essay Writing or 5 Essay with 370 Sentence Structure Score
    (Note: Standard course prerequisites still apply; students must be college-ready in math to enroll in MATH 2342.)
  • Current Richland College Students must have completed 9 college-level credit hours with a GPA of = 3.25 or better, and be college-ready in Reading and Writing and either college-ready in Math or eligible to enroll in DMAT 0310.
  • Transfer Students must have a GPA of = 3.25 or better with at least 12 credit hours from a U.S. institution(s) in college-level courses; and submission of official college transcripts.
  • What if my test scores aren’t quite good enough?

    If your test scores are below the minimum requirements, it is possible that you may be able to gain admission to the Honors Academy by virtue of your academic and professional accomplishments. Students who have not met the minimal admission test score requirements may be admitted by completing a personal interview with the Honors Academy representative. This brief, face-to-face interview will be used to determine if there are extenuating circumstances that should be taken into consideration with regard to the student’s ability to succeed in the Honors Academy. To request an interview, please email